Benefits of Joining Driver Trainers Association

The PDTA committee is actively looking for ways to help its members with any problems they may have. We understand that Professional Driver Trainers have similar problems to deal with and together we should be able to come up with good outcomes. Many voices make a difference.

We are hoping this Web Site will be a very valuable tool to keep us all together and to communicate better than in the past. We welcome new members, and encourage all existing members to share this passion with others in the industry. We are sure that in the near future there will be plenty of good reason to become a member.

Already the PDTA committee has organised workshops with the DOT, which has provided more opportunies for instructors to carry out their training more efficiently.

Negotiations are also continuously being conducted with various companies and organisations to offer members more benefits external to our core business. Products and promotions will be made available to all PDTA members as they are secured. These can be found in the "Promotions" area.